CUBE: Bridging the virtual and reality with blockchain

CUBE Brings Unrivaled Entertainment to the Metaverse Space

Our service is optimized for both gamers and game developers, content creators and content-consumers alike. With our well-established lineup of content, CUBE aims to create a single platform where virtual entertainment translates to true pleasure and value.

We are,

  • Game Studio - Creating AAA games with Unity and Unreal Engines

  • Game Publisher - Publishing globally well renown games across the world

  • Content Creator - A unified group of creators telling compelling stories

  • Content Publisher - Reaching millions of people with meaningful content

All of the above within our Metaverse, powered by blockchain

Core Value & Strengths

Bringing Blockchain Entertainment to the Masses

As the native token for Netmarble F&C, we are bridging the gap between crypto users and the general public with true entertainment. One of the problems we identify with the current blockchain industry is that the key players and IP holders from the traditional industry is slow in adopting crypto. This is why the average quality of blockchain games and entertainment as a whole is lower than the traditional market. CUBE is here to not only upend such mediocracy, but also make blockchain the future of entertainment.

Strong History in Genuinely Fun Games

Netmarble F&C is one of the strongest game studios in the world. Its signature title, The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross, recorded a total of 85,000,000 download worldwide the past 2 years. With such history as a key player in the gaming industry, CUBE is equipped with the technology and know-hows to deliver genuine entertainment before anything else. Our belief is that superior content creation capacity in the crypto space is the only way to truly integrate blockchain to mainstream entertainment.

More Tech, More Content, More Power

CUBE is a tech powerhouse. With the team behind GameFi since 2018, the team has concrete experience in developing diverse crypto services within multiple networks from EOS and Ethereum to BNB Chain and Polygon. Its extensive and native history in blockchain development translates to capacity to manage development in-house and expand to new business verticals. Regardless of content type and genre, our NFT marketplace, DeFi, auction, and custom wallet/PC launcher can digest any initiative currently available.

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