How to migrate GB Costume NFT from Binance

*We recommend following these steps with a PC. If you have Golden Bros Costume NFT on Binance, you need to transfer your NFT to the CUBE app in order to enjoy Golden Bros to the fullest. Please follow the steps below. *If you bought NFT from the CUBE platform, this migration does not apply to you.

Download the CUBE Launcher (or Cube App)

Create an Account and Wallet

Make sure both Binance and CUBE Wallet have at least 0.01 BNB (be aware of the gas fee)

***This is for gas fee occurring while transferring and swapping NFT. 0.01 BNB is the minimum withdrawal from Binance Network. The gas fee of Binance Network is 0.002 BNB per NFT.

  • Log into your Binance account and click [Wallet] - [Overview]

  • Click on [Withdraw]

  • Click on [Withdraw Crypto]

  • Select [Coin] and choose BNB and select [Network] and choose BNB(BEP2)

  • Enter the Cube Wallet address in [Address]

  • Complete transfer process

Add Binance Network to MetaMask

  • Click [Networks]

  • Click [Add Network]

  • Input the followings: Network Name -> Smart Chain New RPC URL -> Chain ID -> 56 Currency Symbol -> BNB Block Explorer URL ->

  • Make sure your Network is set to [Smart Chain]

Transfer GB NFT from Binance to CUBE Wallet

  • Select GB NFT and click [Confirm]

  • Click [Add a Wallet]

  • Select [BSC] Network and Click [Confirm]

  • Select [MetaMask] and Connect to your MetaMask Wallet

  • Double-check [Destination Wallet Address] and BNB amount to transfer your NFT(Be aware of the Gas fee)

  • Click [Withdraw]

  • Follow the rest of the security steps

  • Open MetaMask and Click [Import tokens]

  • Copy your GB NFT [Contract Address] and paste in [Token Contract Address]

  • Enter [Token Symbol] and [Token Decimal]

  • [Token Symbol] is automatically filled when [Token Contract Address] is added. But make sure [Token Symbol] contains less than 11 characters.

  • Enter โ€œ0โ€ in [Token Decimal]

  • Click [Import Tokens]

  • Make sure the number in front of [Token Symbol] is more than 1.

  • Send your NFT to CUBE Wallet (Be aware of the Gas fee)

Swap NFT

  • Enter PC Launcher or and Log in.

  • Enter [View My NFT]

  • Click [NFT Swap]

  • Select [GB NFT] you want to swap

  • Click [SELECT ALL] and then hit [OK]

  • If itโ€™s your first time swapping NFT, you need to [APPROVE]. You wonโ€™t be asked to [APPROVE] onwards.

  • When [APPROVE] is done, [Swap] button will be activated. Click [Swap] to finish the NFT migration. (Be aware of the Gas fee)

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