How to Token Swap

This page goes over how to supply and release liquidity (Invest). *Please note that this guide was written during the testing period.

What is Token Swap?

Token Swap refers to exchanging one token for another of the same value. Unlike order book exchanges, where orders are executed only when there is a counterparty, Token Swaps can be made in real time at any time.

Go to Bank > Exchange > Trade.

Connect your wallet by clicking the โ€˜Walletโ€™ button on the upper right-hand corner.

Click the "Wallet Connect" button to log-in (Choose the wallet where you hold the relevant tokens).

Once the wallet is successfully connected, you will see a green mark next to the wallet icon.

Chart: Displays the price of the selected transaction pair on the right as a line chart. You can view daily (24H), weekly (1W), monthly (1M), and annual (1Y) unit charts.

You can turn the chart function on and off by clicking the chart button at the top.

You may select tokens to trade by clicking on the Select box, but only CUBE - GBC transactions are supported at the moment.

Click the arrow button at the center of the screen to toggle between the GBC and CUBE positions.

Click again to return to CUBE - GBC order.

Select the trading token, then enter the desired quantity.

Tip: Click the 'Max' button on the right to select the entire wallet balance.

Based on the current price, the number of tokens to be received is automatically displayed. Click the 'Swap' button.

Check the tokens to be traded, quantity, and fee information. If all is correct, click the โ€˜Confirmโ€™ button.

Confirm the transaction for swap from your wallet interface.

If the above message shows up, the token swap has completed successfully.

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