The first blockchain game using ITAM Middleware V1


Lime Odyssey M is the first-ever action RPG in blockchain game field. It's mobile based game developed by Tomcat, built on the previous PC version of Lime Odyssey IP.

Tomcat has developed this game for two years using the story and monster resources from LOM IP, while keeping up with the mobile game trend. Players can build their own characters, combine various items and acquire items with random options.

Genre : Idle RPG Developer : Prunebomb Soft Status : In service Platform : Mobile (Android / iOS)

The content of LOM is similar to idle RPG games in the current mobile game market. It provides a variety of content such as scenario mode, world boss, raid, infinite tower, and PvP battle. Contents will be updated step by step.

Players should build their characters and clear missions by organizing an effective party. Clearing higher level missions will provide a higher chance of acquiring higher grade NFTs.

Each NFT item has a grade, and each grade has a different number of option stats. Items with good options can be equipped or sold on NFT farms to earn ITAM tokens. NFT with poor options also has usage. You can mine LimeM tokens by staking or burning them in the NFT farming pool.

Like a typical RPG, LOM has a character level system, skill combination and additional stats by mounting runes. As you get stronger, you can enjoy higher-level contents. For example, you can defeat other users in PvP, take a higher ranking, and do higher damage on the boss raid. As a result, you can earn more rewards and get ahead of other users.

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