CUBE Utility

Content-side utility & Chain-side utility (at launch of CUBE Chain)

$ITAMCUBE will be used as the Native Coin on CUBE Chain. In other words, $ITAMCUBE will be used to pay the transaction fees when creating and executing smart contracts, and/or transferring virtual assets. $ITAMCUBE is what network users use to pay for nodes that process the requested operation.

$ITAMCUBE is used within the CUBE network for the following purposes:

  • Native currency of the CUBE Ecosystem

  • To pay transaction fees on CUBE Chain

  • Staking for the growth of the CUBE Network

  • Payment Method on the NFT Marketplace

All $ITAMCUBE collected as transaction fees on the CUBE Network and Wallet will first be 100% burned, and then half of the burned percentage will be issued on the Ecosystem Reserve, which will then be credited to the Ecosystem Growth Fund, otherwise known as the Governance Reward Pool. The $ITAMCUBE accumulated in the reward pool will be provided as rewards to participants who contributed to the initial network growth.


CUBE Swap Service

CUBE Swap Service is an exchange service based on a highly validated protocol. CUBE Swap Service allows users to exchange various game tokens for $ITAMCUBE or other tokens.

Liquidity Pool

Due to the nature of Automatic Market Maker (AMM), which executes transactions through smart contracts without counter partners, liquidity supply for transactions is essential. To encourage liquidity supply, liquidity providers can participate in interest farming using LP Token, which is paid through liquidity supply, with fees for transactions as compensation.

Yield Farming

In response to the Game Tokens of games serviced on the CUBE platform, as well as CUBE’s pair and LP Token, an LP Stake Pool with yield farming will be provided. Users can earn $ITAMCUBE as rewards by staking. We intend to stimulate economic activities of game users by returning a portion of the fees incurred from the various services related to each game as rewards.


Depending on the different terms of lockup, Annual Percentage Rate(APR), and $ITAMCUBE, Game Token(s), or other pegged coins will also be used for staking. The financial resources for profit will be used at a reasonable ratio according to the fees generated from various services in the ecosystem and the finances set aside to increase the value of CUBE.

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