How to Use Liquidity Supply/Release

This page goes over how to supply and release liquidity (Invest). *Please note that this guide was written during the testing period.

What is Liquidity?

You can supply a pair of tokens required for a token swap to the liquidity pool and in return receive a share of the swap fee. You receive LP tokens in return for providing liquidity, and you can receive additional CUBE rewards by staking those LP tokens. (Go to Pair Pool)

Go to Bank > Exchange > Invest

Connect your wallet by clicking the ‘Wallet’ button on the upper right-hand corner.

Click the "Wallet Connect" button to log-in (Choose the wallet where you hold relevant tokens).

Once the wallet is successfully connected, you will see a green mark next to the wallet icon.

Liquidity Supply

If there is no previously supplied liquidity, a blank screen will be displayed as above. Click ‘Add Liquidity’.

In the upper field, enter the quantity you wish to supply liquidity. The lower field is automatically calculated so that both sides have the same value. Click the ‘Supply’ button.

Confirm the tokens to be supplied, quantity, and fee information and click the ‘Confirm’ button.

Confirm the transaction for swap from your wallet interface.

If the above message shows up, the liquidity supply has completed successfully.

You can check your LP tokens at the bottom of the Invest screen.

Liquidity Release

To release the liquidity you have provided, you must have LP tokens in your wallet.

(If LP tokens are staked in the Pair Pool, liquidity can be released after unstaking.)

When you click on the token in the liquidity list, its details will show.

Click the ‘Remove’ button on the right.

Specify the percentage of LP tokens held to release.

Select with the 25%, 50%, 75%, Max button, or set manually by moving the slider.

This is the amount of tokens you receive in exchange for liquidity release. It may differ from the amount of tokens deposited at the time of liquidity supply because additional swap fees may have been accumulated and/or impermanent losses may have occurred.

What is an impermanent loss?

When liquidity is supplied to the liquidity pool, or in other words, when the asset is deposited, it may temporarily lose value due to changes in the price of the deposited asset. The larger the price fluctuation of the deposited asset, the greater the impermanent loss (Learn More).

Confirm the transaction for swap from your wallet interface.

If the above message shows up, the liquidity removal has completed successfully.

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