P2E launcher for PC, laptops

CUBE is the PC Launcher for P2E Players. With one time installation of CUBE, players will enjoy all P2E has to offer within a single platform. Furthermore, CUBE values and promotes Player Experience. Player experience is the biggest obstacle that interrupts mainstream adoption of P2E, but CUBE will now change the paradigm with player-friendly features that are specifically optimized for cryptogames.

So, what does CUBE have to offer?

Player Experience 😎

Cross-Play Game Launcher

Regardless of your device type (mobile, PC, Laptop), you can download CUBE to begin your journey as a P2E player. After creating an account and syncing your wallet, you can download and launch the game instantly from CUBE. There will be no additional steps you have to go through to access and play game.

Your mobile & PC will be seamlessly synced to continue playing on any device. Handling your assets and achievements have never been easier.

Scholarship Management Solution

For a scholarship model to be sustainable, we will be adding a built-in management page for players to easily rent out their NFTs and share the revenue with their scholars. This feature will launch when Golden Bros scholarship program launches!

One of the bigger issues with a traditional scholarship model is that it requires a third-party API and a tasky process to seriously build a working team. By providing an admin solution from CUBE, we aim to provide seamless experience for both managers and scholars in fairly harvesting for mutual profit.

NFT Presale & Shop

NFT presale is often held on third-party platforms that require a migrating step to actually use those NFTs inside the game. We decided to get rid of that extra burden on players by providing NFT presale directly from CUBE. In this system, players can purchase an NFT before and after game launch directly from our shop, send the NFT into game and even withdraw to trade just with a few clicks.

Ecosystem Growth 🌎

Community Building (Friends & Guilds)

Community is key to all games and blockchain projects. As we are servicing both industries, socializing is our strongest feature for the ecosystem we are building. Players will add friends across different games, team up to create a guild, share strategies and exchange NFTs, and battle at tournaments over prize pools. It is all about the players and the bigger world they build together as a community.

Auto-Translate Chat (Text/Voice)

Without proper communication, a community cannot grow beyond a certain threshold. To unite our global audience, we will be implementing auto-translate features, so that players from different language backgrounds can become friends and play together. The world has never been as connected as now and there should be no demographic boundaries among players, especially within CUBE.

Live Streaming

Gamers love to watch others play for fun and learn from the veterans. When actual token prize is at stake, it becomes even more important for players to quickly absorb most effective play styles. To support such interaction, we will soon be adding Live Streaming feature to connect influencers with their fans. This feature will create even stronger ties among both serious and casual players, and socially connect top players.

Blockchain 🏁

NFT Marketplace

One of the perks of CUBE is that you can access NFT marketplace as you are playing the game. Within the same platform, you can acquire, withdraw, sell, buy any NFTs you wish within a few clicks. There will be a drag-and-drop feature added in the future where you will be able to directly drop NFTs inside the game onto our marketplace for listing. With this feature embedded on CUBE, there will be no more hassle going back and forth & logging in and out to enjoy NFT trading among players.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

DeFi (Decentralized Finance) is an integral part of P2E experience. On top of token liquidity pools, CUBE will provide exclusive staking pools to stake or earn NFTs. We will be utilizing DeFi not only to stabilize token price, but also to provide unique and exciting earning experience. At the same time, players will be able to bridge NFTs to different games within our ecosystem, extending the value of NFTs beyond a single game. Ultimately, with CUBE Wallet, players can enjoy all DeFi services with seamless user experience and less trouble in keeping track of staked assets.

Decentralized Exchange (DEX)

DEX (Decentralized Exchange) will create a convenient swap system between game tokens and $ITAMCUBE. While playing games, players can simultaneously trade game tokens to $ITAMCUBE or the other way around. This will make sure your trading activities do not affect playing experience, creating a harmony between play and earn.

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