How to Participate in Staking

Detailed walk through of how to participate in Single Staking Pool with Lock-up period

Go to Stake > Single Pool page.

What is Single Pool?

(1) Easy DeFi for Beginners - Passive earning by staking a single type of token

(2) First come, First served - Fair chance for all holders to participate in limited staking slots

(3) Lock-Up - Staked tokens can only be withdrawn after 90 days

Connect your wallet by clicking the ‘Wallet’ button on the upper right corner.

Click the "Wallet Connect" button to log in (Choose the wallet where you hold relevant tokens).

Once the wallet is successfully connected, you will see a green mark next to the wallet icon.

"My Investment" section shows the pools you are participating in.

"Pool List" section shows live pools that you can participate in. Click the "Approve" button and you will be asked to confirm permission.

Click the "Confirm" button. Please note that a small amount of BNB is required to pay the gas fee.

After confirmation, the "Approve" button will be replaced with the "Stake" button. Click the "Stake" button to see pool details.

Double-check the APR and lock-up duration.

Enter the amount of CUBE tokens you would like to stake, then click the "Stake" button.

Info) The amount that can be staked per user is limited. (Min : 10 / Max : 1,000,000)

After staking is complete, the staked CUBE tokens will be locked up for the specified lock-up duration. You will be able to claim the rewards after the duration as well.

Make sure you are okay with the terms, then click the "Confirm" button.

Confirm the transaction for staking from your wallet interface.

If the above message shows up, the staking has completed successfully.

When you return to the list page, you can see the participating pools in the ‘My Investment’ section.

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