Metaverse World

Unrivaled entertainment powered by blockchain

Crypto-Native History

Metaverse World is a pioneer in GameFi, rooting back to 2018 and first being based on the EOS protocol. Having developed and operated an SDK, NFT Marketplace, NFT Rental System, Wallet, and more, Metaverse World has been at the forefront of technological advancement.
Moreover, with the acquisition of Bono Technologies, a development team specializing in wallet development for the past 5 years, Metaverse World seeks to realize a metanomics ecosystem.

CUBE & Wallet Bringing P2E to a New Level

Connecting players and games within a sustainable economy has been the core of Metaverse World's history. With our team's valuable insight and technology, we seek to bring the infrastructure to support the best of both traditional and blockchain gaming industry.
Our all-in-one entertainment platform, “CUBE” and “CUBE Wallet,” are the first steps at achieving this goal. With Metaverse World's technological skills and Netmarble F&C's inherit game operation know-hows, the spheres of metaverse, blockchain, and gaming will drastically shift to a revolution the world has never-before-seen. True P2E is coming, and Metaverse World is at the vanguard.