CUBE Chain is a framework for building and maintaining the CUBE ecosystem. It serves as its own blockchain for numerous users from the CUBE network, while developers and node operators maintain a close connection with the Public Chain. In other words, CUBE Chain is the infrastructure that helps you build and execute an internal value system.

CUBE Chain achieves business objectives with a flexible, convenient, and easy-to-use multi-modular blockchain architecture. The core modules for this purpose include Parlia Consensus Engine, Staking & Pool, Governance, Dynamic Runtime Upgrades, and Reward Management, and these modules will be built with System Smart Contract and Ethereum Virtual Machine(EVM) machines.

CUBE Chain solves the virtual machine security issues by fully trusting the EVM of the official Go-Ethereum code-base. EVM, which has been audited thousands of times, is widely used in blockchain networks.

To fully manage and validate governance and reward distribution in an EVM runtime environment, CUBE Chain implements the relevant logic directly using Smart Contract without relying on third-party services.

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