2022-23 Lineup
Game lineups for 2022 to first half of 2023

Golden Bros is a 3v3 mobile shooting game. With intense and short 3 minute gameplay, Golden Bros offers the most dynamic and high-graphic team fights with exclusive NFTs to play with. You'll be mesmerized by this one-of-a-kind stylish action game!

Based on the classic game "Yokai," this RPG mobile game, Yokai: Dual, is the blockchain version of its predecessor, with a captivating narrative and thrilling action sequences!

Meta Football is a fast-paced mobile multiplayer soccer game! Based on the mobile game "Extreme Football," Meta Football is the blockchain version of its original, offering everything the previous version had, and them some!

Meta Tennis takes its original version "Ultimate Tennis" to the next level, adding blockchain elements to the mix. The game is an action-packed tennis arcade game that combines tennis with RPG, making it the most complete mobile tennis game ever!

Meta Baseball has all the essentials of your favorite baseball game, PLUS the addition of blockchain technology! Based on the game "The Slam," you've never seen a sports game like this before!

The Seven Deadly Sins: Origis is an adventure turn-based mobile game that features an open world with an original story based on the world of 'Seven Deadly Sins.'

Arthdal Chronicles is a new MMORPG based on the popular TV series of the same name. Utilizing the global IP of Arthdal Chronicles, this game combines the world of TV, game, and blockchain!

Overprime is a team-based strategy action game in which two teams of various heroes destroy each other's bases. Choose a hero with unique skills and join the battlefield!

Grand Cross W is a strategic game in which users from all over the world gather in one space to engage in large-scale battles in real-time, offering a variety of entertaining elements.

Based on the "Grand Cross" universe, Grand Cross S is a collection-type RPG that provides entertainment with the use of streaming.
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